Top 5 Reasons You Should be Using Avantpage Translations

  1. Ability: Our project managers and accomplished linguists know your target audience because they are the target audience.
  2. Advice: We work closely with you to define your translation needs, develop a turnaround and pricing guide, and determine translation and localization technology and services that make sense for you.

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  3. Accountability: We deliver professional translation, interpretation, localization, and multilingual desktop publishing projects on time – every time.
  4. Assurance: Completeness, correctness, and consistency—all documents undergo our strict Avantpage proofing process.
  5. Accessibility: AvantFlow grants you as much control as you want. Submit requests, monitor the status of your projects, or pick up completed projects online any time of day. All of your project requests and files are instantly organized and securely saved.

Why Choose Us for Healthcare Translation

Avantpage is a specialized, highly qualified Healthcare Translation Provider with extensive knowledge and experience in the healthcare translation industry. Our healthcare translators are experts in medical, health plan, insurance, and benefits terminology — a crucial factor when translating for this industry. We work closely with a variety of healthcare organizations, including the California Department of Public Health, CalOptima, Delta Dental, California WIC Program, Concern: EAP, Alameda Alliance for Health, and MESVision.

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