Take a closer look at the people behind the Avantpage success story

Welcome to Avantpage’s management team! While our people are a diverse group of business professionals, they all share a passion for language, a dedication to excellence and a commitment to our clients –– traits that have helped to make us one of the leading translation companies in the industry.

Translation Free QuoteOur goal at Avantpage is simple: we strive to keep our costs low, exceed expectations, and help our clients create a linguistic “bridge” that connects people, cultures, and communities through effective communication and cultural understanding.


Luis Miguel, CEO
Luis MiiguelDr. Luis Miguel is a recognized expert in the translation industry. As founder and CEO of Avantpage, Dr. Miguel is the driving force behind the company’s growth, success, and global presence. For more than a decade, Dr. Miguel has used his linguistic expertise, leadership skills, and decisive business acumen to develop and nurture an organization that reflects his personal vision: globally competitive, instantly adaptive to change, and focused on delivering exceptional quality while remaining cost-effective and value-centric. Dr. Miguel has written articles for the American Translators Association (ATA) Journal, and both presented at ATA conferences, and chaired panels for its Translation Company Division. 


Vera Hooijdonk, Operations Manager

VeraVera manages all aspects of the translation projects: assessing and distributing workloads, organizing client meetings, monitoring productivity, managing training, communicating client needs to the team, overseeing technology tools, ensuring that processes remain cost-effective, and maintaining quality standards. Vera loves working with Avantpage’s  clients, understanding their linguistic needs, handling a variety of projects, and learning about new industries and technologies.



About Us

We specialize in providing exceptional, affordable translation, localization and linguistic services, and our clients range from healthcare organizations to government, education, finance, and many other industries. We offer complete translation services in over 150 languages, and our translators are linguistic experts who excel at uniting language, culture and communication.