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Healthcare Translation Free QuoteYou need a higher standard of service—we have translation memory technologies. For over a decade, Avantpage has produced written translations for a variety of industries: government, education, health services, marketing and finance – to name a few. Our ability to adapt to the market and deliver quality, consistent translations is the cornerstone of our success – and yours. To fulfill our unrivaled service commitment, we use SDLX and Trados— translation memory (TM) software that allows us to deliver precise translations quickly and in over 50 languages.

Avantpage uploads your original text into the translation memory, which is broken up into segments by the software. Our native-speaking linguist team translates and edits each text segment. The next time you have new text for translation, your text is likewise uploaded into the TM. If the new text is similar to what was previously translated, the TM recognizes the similar text, classifying it as a 100% match, fuzzy match, or no match. The TM provides the 100% and fuzzy matching text, and the linguistic team makes the appropriate adjustments to quickly render the most precise and consistent translation—for all your documents.

Avantpage’s translation tools deliver cost-efficient solutions quickly. By leveraging existing translations, TM guarantees consistent translations across all your documents and we deliver them fast. Avantpage also offers discounted rates for 100% and fuzzy matches—just ask us to apply TM software to save you money and time on your next project!


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