A Web-Based System for Accessing and Managing your Translation Assets

Harness the power of AvantMemory to ensure greater consistency, quality and cost-effectiveness for all your translation projects.

Translation Free QuoteNow you can access and manage your translation assets through AvantMemory, a web-based system that streamlines processes and procedures, and offers a host of exciting client benefits.

Through AvantMemory, we build and retain custom linguistic glossaries for each client, saving specific terminology and style preferences for use on subsequent translations. AvantMemory also allows multiple vendors to work with the same assets in real time, allows our linguistic team members to work concurrently, and lets work on a project proceed with multiple languages simultaneously.

As a client, you’ll find that AvantMemory increases translation quality, lowers your costs, ensures faster delivery times and gives you greater control over every aspect of your project. Real-time progress reports, simultaneous translation, correction and proofreading, more effective file filters, and better stylistic and terminology compliance are just some of the stand-out advantages AvantMemory brings to the table.

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