Modify your website so that it is understandable and accessible in other languages/cultures

Website localization is critical for organizations looking to compete globally and reach out to non-English-speaking customers and prospects. Localization involves much more than just language translation: it entails adapting your website so that it looks, feels and functions as if it were produced within the target country.

Website localization may involve creating new, culturally relevant content, revising graphic design, color schemes, symbols and other visual elements, and modifying currency, time, weights and measures, and other numerical elements to reflect foreign usage and standards.

Avantpage offers one-stop, state-of-the-art localization services designed to get your website and other business media localized swiftly, efficiently and economically. Our team of linguists, technology experts, designers, and project managers are all highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the localization process.

We offer:Translation Free Quote

  • Cutting edge translation technology
  • Complete Search Engine Optimization services in the target language
  • Comprehensive translation of all file types including HTML, SGML, ASP, PHP
  • AvantFlow: Secure online storage and live access to your localization projects 24/7
  • AvantMemory: Simultaneous translation, corrections and proofreading capabilities through our exclusive translation memory software
  • TTWeb: ┬áSimplified Website Localization


For more information on how Avantpage can help you localize your website, download our new localization guide, AvantWeb: Essentials of Web Localization. Inside, you’ll discover answers to all your questions about the localization process: how it works, what’s involved, what you need to provide, and how the workflow will proceed.