Translation plays a critical part in providing quality healthcare but many healthcare organizations are unsure how to best allocate resources and provide high-quality translations at the most reasonable cost. While it may be tempting to cut corners to save time and money, the truth is, healthcare providers don’t have the luxury of choosing to forgo translation of critical documents.

Language Compliance and the Law

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 set the bar for healthcare regulations regarding the Limited-English population (LEP) and requires that any organization, including healthcare, must not discriminate based on race, color, or national origin. Health plan organizations that are unable to communicate with LEP customers will have difficulty complying with the laws and regulations.

Non-compliance carries serious consequences. For instance, healthcare organizations that fail to comply with 45 CFR 155.205 and 156.250 are subject to fines and loss of state money. All 50 states have laws that address language access in healthcare settings and 17 states have language access laws for insurance providers and/or managed care organizations. California leads the nation in creating impactful regulations standardizing translated materials for health plan and healthcare providers and other states are expected to follow suit in the coming months and years.

Avantpage Can Help

When translating health plan documents for LEP customers there’s no margin for error. Our proven healthcare and medical translation services ensure your translation projects meet all regulatory guidelines and can pass auditing inspections with flying colors. We have the expertise to examine the laws surrounding your translation projects and the resources to make sure you’re in compliance every step of the way.

At Avantpage, we specialize in getting organizations to comply with the language regulations. For organizations new to translation, we get them started with a language assistance plan that is tailored to their needs, budget, and time frame.

Quick Guide to CMS Language Accessibility

Requirements for Health Exchanges

What health plan exchanges must do to remain compliant with the new federal laws and regulations