Partner with Avantpage to ensure full compliance with LEP translation rules, regulations, and requirements

Translation Free QuoteAt Avantpage, we provide translation services that specifically target governmental requirements and regulatory concerns. For 15 years, we’ve offered accurate, high-quality translations that allow specific limited English proficient (LEP) audiences full accessibility to a variety of programs and services; localization that reflects the cultural norms of target languages; and compliance with all regulations.

As part of our LEP translation services package, we’ll help you identify the types of language services your agency or organization needs, work with you to develop a Language Access Implementation Plan, and help you to evaluate, revise and maintain your plan as necessary.

Don’t leave critical compliance issues to chance 

It’s not enough to think  you are in compliance with Federal LEP guidelines. Choose Avantpage, and know  for certain that you are. We’ll ensure that every translated project is in line with the latest government-mandated rules and regulations, and help you to avoid the hassles that can arise due to non-compliance.


Avantpage provides the following LEP services:

  • Over 150 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Russian
  • Industry-standard quality assurance
  • Compliance support, such as attestations and back translations
  • Translation, Editing and Proofreading (TEP) process
  • High-volume capabilities
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Personal service


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