Ensure your website’s effectiveness and success in foreign markets

Industry Translation Free QuoteLocalizing your website’s software is a critical piece of the overall localization process.  Software localization ensures that the site looks, feels and functions as if it were created in the target language, allowing for flawless online communication in foreign markets and with foreign customers and prospects.

At Avantpage, we have the capabilities to fully localize client software into hundreds of target languages, and ensure that the software functions effectively in the language or languages selected.  Our linguists work closely with our technology experts to translate text, graphics, audio and video software from the source language into the target language.  Our software engineers and programmers then make sure that all new coding is functioning properly, and test the translated software to ensure it performs correctly across languages.

Our software localization process includes:

  • Comprehensive translation of all file types, including HTML, SGML, ASP, and PHP
  • Extensive testing of all new programming code to ensure software is fully functioning in the target language
  • Localization of user interface (UI), including online Help tools, forms, dialog boxes, tabs, menu options, buttons, etc.
  • Creation of glossaries, style guides and Translation Memory to streamline and reduce the cost of subsequent projects

For more information on software localization for your business, as well as a free quote, contact Avantpage at 877-ANY-LANG or info@avantpage.com.