Large job, tight deadline –– mission accomplished: How the Avantpage team translated over 600 pages (205,000 words) in one month’s turnaround time



A major healthcare client chose Avantpage to translate a large-volume website project within a 30-day timeframe. The job required that 600 pages and 205,000 words be translated from English to Spanish using medical and healthcare terminology, while maintaining cultural sensitivity, quality and attention to detail.

The Scope

The Scope

Avantpage was contacted by a prominent national healthcare client and asked to handle translation duties for a large-scale website project. The client is the largest managed care organization in the United States, with 8.9 million health plan members, 167,300 employees, 37 medical centers and 611 medical offices. Avantpage has worked with this client for a number of years, translating all types of healthcare-related projects into numerous languages.


This particular project entailed translating the healthcare organization’s entire website

–– some 600 pages of information ––

into Spanish within a 30-day time period.


Avantpage was required to swiftly assemble a seasoned line-up of professionals, from the translator team to IT experts, project managers, translation technology pros and more. The Avantpage translation team for this project was comprised of about 35 people, including 25 to 30 translators and editors, three in-house reviewers, two full-time proofreaders and three to four people from Avantpage’s internal staff to process and deliver the files.

The Challenges

The Challenges

This project presented a number of challenges:

Tight Deadline This was a very large volume of work to be completed in a month’s time. Avantpage first had to get a Spanish-language translation team on board and up to speed on the client’s linguistic preferences. Then, the files had to be translated in batches and delivered back to the client on a rolling schedule. The schedule was so tight that it was difficult for project managers to build in time cushions for contingency plans, emergencies or reworking.


Holiday Season Doing a project of this magnitude is tough any time of year, but the winter holiday season made it especially difficult. Avantpage was faced with limited availability of human resources (both internal staff and external providers) due to vacation time, prior commitments and holiday scheduling.


File Process The client requested that Avantpage work from web page screen shots. Avantpage received the pages as PDF files, extracted the text to Word and then translated in Word. Each file varied in size from one page to 10 pages. This process is more time-consuming than Avantpage’s usual method, which is to work on a website in HTML.


Linguistic Preferences The client has its own glossary, Translation Memory and stylistic preferences, so the entire team of translators had to be trained on the use of these linguistic assets. Avantpage set up a system of additional Quality Checks to ensure that all translation linguistic preferences and style guidelines were followed by the translation team at all times.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Avantpage quickly pulled together an experienced translation team of translators, editors, reviewers, full-time proofreaders and other personnel to work on this month-long project. Our prior experience working with this client helped us to swiftly assemble a top-notch team: we already knew how this particular client preferred to work with us, and we knew which team members would perform best within the confines of this project.

We relied on our most experienced translators and were able to select those who were already familiar with the client’s projects and website. Our team of internal reviewers had previously created the glossary and style guides for this client. That meant that they were already aware of the client’s preferences, and could pass their knowledge on to the translation team.

The fact that our translators were trained in XTM was a crucial element in our ability to complete this project within the time allowed. We needed all translators to be able to work simultaneously on the files, which would not have been possible if they were unfamiliar with XTM, the translation software system.

To begin the project, Avantpage first analyzed the files to get an idea of the scope and cost. Then we started preprocessing the files to get them into a translatable format. At the same time, we trained and instructed the translators in order to get both the files and translators ready by the same time. We set up a rolling batch schedule and delivery system to ensure we had the capacity to proof and deliver all the files.

With this type of large volume job, teamwork is more critical than ever. Everyone working on this project was fully committed to a successful outcome –– they put in the extra time, the energy and the effort to ensure that this project was delivered by deadline.

The Outcome

The Outcome

Avantpage delivered all of the translated files on time, within budget and with the quality and accuracy the client expected. As a result, the client was able to roll out the Spanish-language version of its website within its desired timeframe.

The client’s website is now fully accessible, understandable and culturally appropriate to its Spanish-speaking audience. New Spanish-speaking health care clients, prospects and current members can visit the website, read and understand the health care information in their own language, and make educated, informed decisions regarding their health care choices.

According to Vera Hooijdonk, Lead Project Manager for Avantpage, “The scope of this project was enormous, and the timeframe was very tight. I knew that the Avantpage team would pull it off flawlessly … this is what we’re good at. We thrive under pressure, we put our client’s needs first and foremost, and we work together to make it happen.”

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