Translation Services For The Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industries

QuoteIf your travel agency, hotel, or casino frequently hosts tourists from other countries, you may already realize that high-quality translation services are a real necessity. If you want to attract the most tourist business and become known as a “foreigner-friendly” establishment, it would be wise to have procedures in place that allow you to effectively communicate with guests of all languages.

Avantpage is a company with experience in travel industry translation, and they are capable of meeting your translation needs, whether you are a hotel looking to translate room information into multiple languages, a travel agency trying to sell experiences to a foreign audience, or a casino targeting a specific group of thrill-seekers from abroad.

An important place to begin is on your destination’s website. It doesn’t matter if your casino or hotel is manned with an army of interpreters—if potential guests can’t find the information they want on your website, translated in their language, they may see a red flag. Avantpage can help you produce polished, localized versions of your website so every potential guest feels welcomed. Don’t be tempted to settle for low-quality computer translations!

You’ll also need translations available for casino gaming instructions, for hotel restaurant menus, and for in-room directories, just to name a few. Begin with the native tongues of your most frequent foreign visitors, and expand from there. Having a reputable translation firm do this work, rather than a bilingual employee, ensures that there will be no miscommunications.

The linguistic needs of the travel industry are just the tip of the iceberg, though. If your hospitality business truly wants to attract and keep new customers, you have to have translators who understand that audience’s cultural perspective. Travelers from one culture might be more interested in shopping excursions than the fine arts, while other travelers might value religious sightseeing more highly. Understanding these basic differences is important when trying to make translations in order to sell a new travel experience to tourists.

Avantpage has the high standards and travel industry translation expertise your business needs in a global economy. Be a leader among your peers by providing translation and interpretation services your customers will appreciate. They’ll notice, they’ll return, and you’ll become known for your gracious hospitality.

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