In an increasingly global economy, chances are your company’s HR department has had to deal with employees who do not speak English fluently. Current statistics show that up to 40% of Californians do not speak English at home. That’s why you need the services of a translation firm that can handle the special needs of a human resources department.

A human resources department that deals with limited-English-proficient employees needs to secure clear, accurate localization and translation of contracts, policies and safety practices. In fact, the Office of Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that companies with safety training provide the safety training materials in the language that your workers understand the best. By doing this, you’ll guard against potentially dangerous miscommunications with your non-English speaking employees, protecting both your workforce and your business.

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Avantpage offers translation of the following kinds of human resource documents, and more:

  • Employment applications
  • Employee manuals and handbooks
  • Newsletters
  • Employee training materials
  • HR policies
  • Employee review forms
  • Memos
  • Safety documents and information
  • HR forms

Whether employing foreign-language speaking workers in the U.S., as a human resources department you must accurately communicate safety measures, company policy, and state and federally regulated laws in a language spoken by a concentrated percentage of your workforce. Convoluted communications in a culturally inappropriate context leaves your business unprotected and subject to legal action.

Don’t be tempted to take shortcuts with human resources translation! Your bilingual employees may not have the skills necessary to perform accurate, professional translation services, even though they may be fluent in a language. Plus, languages such as Spanish have different meanings or context depending on the country of origin. It’s your job to ensure that HR translations have been performed accurately and the only way to do that is to secure a company that offers professional human resource language services.

Avantpage has human resource translation specialists who can translate human resource forms and documents into over 100 languages. In addition, our quality assurance promise guarantees that you’ll never have to worry about poorly translated documents or not reaching your audience in the right way. Need your human resource documents translated quickly? At Avantpage, we pride ourselves on having a fast turnaround time. In addition, with AvantFlow, you have access to project management tools from beginning to end.

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