Translation Free QuotePharmaceutical translation and localization is not an option, but an ethical and lawful imperative when new drugs are being tested and existing drugs are being marketed globally. Pharmaceutical companies like Merck, Teva, King, Roche, Ranbaxy, Mylan, and Solvay all use high-quality translation services. When your pharmaceutical company depends on accurate translations in order to keep new drugs on track, you can count on Avantpage to provide accuracy and confidentiality each step of the way.

A pharmaceutical company’s successful international presence demands an ethical commitment to the ethnic market. The majority of the drug trials are currently held abroad in Latin America, Africa, and Asia where accurate translation of highly technical and medical terminology is crucial. According to The Harmonized Tripartite Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice (GCP) there are standard procedures for informed consent of subjects, appropriate study designs and protocols, and essential documentation. If your pharmaceutical company is interested in conducting an overseas clinical trial, it’s a must to have translations you can depend on for all this paperwork.

Here is a sample of the pharmaceutical and biotech documents that Avantpage can translate for you:

  • Case Reports
  • Government Applications
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Journals and Publications
  • Patents
  • Patient Guides
  • Patient Questionnaires
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Case Report Forms (CRF)
  • Clinical Trial Materials
  • Doctor Guides
  • Drug Inserts
  • Informed Consent Forms (ICF)
  • Manufacturing Specifications
  • Marketing materials and web content

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Because at Avantpage, we understand that the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are extremely specialized, we have translators on hand with the right background. They have the translation expertise we require and the industry knowledge you can’t do without. This ensures the highest quality possible translation for your sensitive materials.

At Avantpage, making sure that each pharmaceutical translation we provide is accurate is our first priority, because poorly translated materials and corrupted text waste your time, resources, and opportunities. Our high standards of quality assurance guarantee that you’ll have professional, accurate pharmaceutical translation, transcreation, localization and desktop publishing services every time.