Improve Your Outreach With a Comprehensive Translation Program

Medicare Marketing Translation Contact Information

Marketing in the healthcare industry is playing a more important role than ever before, especially in the Medicare, Health Plan and HMO sectors. Customer retention and new enrollment initiatives depend on clear communication, savvy marketing strategies and careful, dedicated attention to special member requirements.

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If you serve members who are Limited English Proficient, the unique communication needs of these people must be addressed accordingly. When you make an effort to communicate with your members in their primary language, the benefits are enormous. You will improve understanding of insurance and plan guidelines; reduce medical misunderstandings, billing errors and potential malpractice charges; and provide the opportunity for more positive health outcomes across the board. We translate:

  • Evidence of Coverage Booklets
  • Provider Directories
  • Disclosure Forms
  • Member Handbooks
  • Summary of Benefits
  • Annual Notice of Change (ANOCs)
  • Letters, flyers, booklets, and other member communication documents

Healthcare Translation Has Never Been So Easy

Accurate, high-quality translation is key to getting your message across to members and potential members who may be Limited English Proficient. Don’t let inaccuracies in translation hinder the effectiveness of your message, drive off potential business, or otherwise negatively impact your sales revenue. At Avantpage, we specialize in translation for the healthcare industry, and handle translation duties for some of today’s most important healthcare players.

Something else to think about: When you reach out to members in their own language, you will be building goodwill, supporting new business initiatives, and creating a way to foster positive long-term relationships with members who are not proficient in English.

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Avantpage can offer suggestions, guidance and information for putting together a comprehensive, cost effective translation program to supplement your marketing efforts.

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