Insurance agencies and brokers attract consumers with the promise of protection—the trust that comes from offering care and security in times of crisis. Strengthen customer loyalty by using professional insurance translation services from Avantpage.

Insurance agencies and individual brokers can come to us to have life, health, auto, vision, or dental policies; contracts and other materials translated. At Avantpage, your critical insurance documents are all translated by linguistic experts who can put things in an appropriate cultural context as well.

One-on-one communications with ethnic markets build the trust necessary to establish your business globally. Without meaningful, native-sounding translations, your promise to care for the consumer is lost in the messaging, effectively abandoning the consumer and leaving their business to another agency willing and capable of delivering exceptional communications. Make sure you’re serving the ethnic markets in your area by providing insurance services translated into a language they can understand.

In addition, health care insurance providers must follow strict rules about translation when patients do not speak English. For instance, in California, DMHC licensed insurance providers must translate vital health plan documents for members at no cost to the patient.

According to Senate Bill 853, the translation services selected by the health insurance company must be provided by someone with the following demonstrated proficiencies: (1) fundamental knowledge of both languages, (2) knowledge of health terminology and concepts relevant to health care systems, and (3) education and training in interpreter ethics or standards from the California Healthcare Interpreting Association or National Council on Interpreting in Health Care. Avantpage meets all of these criteria!

Don’t leave yourself open to legal action by not having important insurance contracts and other documents translated by a professional translation service. Your clients deserve the best translation possible, so they feel comfortable doing business with you.

Our professional insurance translation specialists can translate into over 100 global languages, making every person in your area a potential client. So why not tailor your marketing messages to the area clientele? Avantpage can translate or even transcreate your marketing materials so you can reach these potential insurance policyholders more easily!

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