As our economy becomes increasingly global and more and more manufacturers are choosing offshore solutions, choosing the right translation service is more important than ever. In a multilingual environment, manufacturers must learn to provide clear internal communications as well as technical translations in order to maintain a high standard of quality. In addition, as you begin to market your products in other countries, it is critical to provide clear instructions that each audience can understand.

In a global work environment and marketplace, manufacturers need comprehensive translation and localization services for: intranets, extranets, employee handbooks, user manuals, product specification sheets, marketing collateral, and more. With highly specialized localization, your products and services will reach new ethnic regions, increase sales, and increase your global market share.

How many times have you tried to read the manual for a new product that was manufactured in another country and been flustered, even confused, by the lack of clarity in the translation? Did it make you more or less likely to buy another product from that manufacturer? The fact is, a bad translation equals bad customer service. It’s a mistake no manufacturer can afford.

Avantpage can assist your company with all manufacturing-related translations, whether you specialize in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, auto parts, tools, or paper goods. Whatever the industry, we have professionals who understand the best way to translate your documents.  Here is a list of just a few of the kinds of technical documents related to manufacturing that we are able to translate:

  • Installation, operator and maintenance manuals
  • Consumer user manuals
  • Diagrams and CAD files
  • Packaging
  • Work processes
  • HR manuals
  • Safety manuals
  • Service manuals
  • Policy manuals
  • Service agreements
  • Regulatory documentation

Whatever the job, Avantpage’s comprehensive manufacturing translation services will ensure that you communicate clearly and effectively.  Don’t make the mistake of letting bilingual employees perform translations when safety, time, and money are at stake. Let the professional translators at Avantpage do the job right!

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