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Successful localization and translation of K-12 and educational materials requires simple, direct language and appropriate cultural context. Make sure your organization is compliant with the No Child Left Behind Act when designing outreach programs for limited English proficient families.

Title III of the No Child Left Behind Act pertains to language instruction for limited English proficient and immigrant children. School organizations receiving Title III federal funding may receive grants to “implement culturally and linguistically appropriate family education programs, or parent outreach and training activities, that are designed to assist parents of limited English proficient children to become active participants in the education of their children.” (NCLB Title III, Sec. 3212, Part B)

This requires translation services that are culturally sensitive and accurate. When you choose Avantpage for your education translation services, you’ll have a wider range of programs and grant funds available.

In addition to expanding your range of educational programs, you can also ensure compliance with federal education regulations by choosing K-12 translation services from Avantpage. All K-12 educational organizations receiving Title III funds must “improve instruction programs for limited English proficient children by acquiring and upgrading curricula and related instruction materials.” (NCLB Title III, Sec. 3213, Part A) Avantpage’s localized and translated instructional documents and multimedia are nationally recognized for their success with diverse students.

In many areas, Spanish translation is the main area of concern. Make sure that you are prepared to effectively communicate with your Spanish-speaking parents and students by having accurate and professional translation services. Don’t rely on volunteer efforts! If the translations aren’t accurate and effective in making educational information accessible, you’re not in compliance with federal regulations.
The Avantpage Advantage: As experienced educators, our linguists are skilled at translating educational materials for their own diverse students—ensuring appropriate cultural context and simple language. In addition, we are educational compliance translation specialists. We also consult with linguists from different countries for our educational translation services to verify that we use common, non-idiomatic terminology for the target language.

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