Gaming Translation, Computer Game Translation Services and Role Playing Game (RPG) Translation

The international community claims the largest and fastest growing gaming communities in Japan, Mexico, South Korea and Germany. If computer game localization and computer game translation remain unexplored, game producers will miss out on the opportunity to create a loyal following for their games and solidify a global gamer community.

The constant innovation of console, PC, online, and wireless game technology demands targeted translation and localization to achieve success worldwide. The continual evolution of new game terms coined by game creators and gamers requires not only native speakers for accurate translations, but also active game players. As specialists in the field of gaming translation, we feel comfortable translating games for many different platforms, from PlayStation-type video games to PC games and online MMORPGs.

Why does Avantpage specialize in the translation of role playing games? RPG are big business and we’re fortunate enough to be specialized in the ways they should be translated for maximum impact. Make your new game the next big success by reaching out to the international community. Avantpage’s skilled gaming translators will ensure that your game makes sense in the languages of your choice.

In addition to online computer game and role-playing game translation, Avantpage can help you translate your online casino and gambling websites so that players from different countries can participate, maximizing your site’s potential revenue. Localize your casino and gambling website so players feel comfortable in your online environment. We’ll work with your web designers, graphic artists, and other professionals to make sure the translation is seamless. Betting guides, FAQs, Help materials, instructions, gaming controls… it will all look perfect in the new language.

Need to advertise your online gaming or gambling website? No problem! We’ll help you translate marketing materials so you’ll have brochures, flyers, banner ads, and emails that reach your target audience. Taking the time to communicate correctly will build the trust that is necessary for players to keep coming back again and again.

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