Clinical trials and clinical research for new drugs, medical devices and other biotechnology products are increasingly being conducted in other countries, by specialized contract research organizations (CROs).  The need for timely, accurate translation in this industry has grown exponentially.

From translating research reports, medical reports, clinical trial protocols, documentation and Web materials to patent information, legal documents, patient forms, marketing collateral pieces and more, Avantpage offers a varied menu of translation and localization solutions designed to meet CRO needs and requirements.

As more CROs with operations in world markets are called into play, the need for expert translation in a wide variety of languages becomes paramount. At Avantpage, we offer unsurpassed linguistics expertise, with the ability to translate swiftly and accurately into 150 languages.  Our translators are native speakers and educated professionals who have undergone a rigorous selection and training process before being accepted as members of the Avantpage translation team. Our highly experienced project managers, editors, account managers, technical experts and content strategists work to deliver unsurpassed client service on any size or scale of project.

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