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Vietnamese Translation Free QuoteVietnamese is the official language of Vietnam, spoken by 86% of Vietnam’s population.  It is the language of instruction in Vietnam’s schools and universities and is used for official business. Although written Vietnamese was originally based on Chinese script, the written Vietnamese alphabet used today is based on the Latin alphabet. Under French colonial rule, the use of the Latin alphabet became official and required for all public documents.

There are approximately 80 million Vietnamese speakers throughout the world today. More than one million U.S. citizens speak Vietnamese, making it the seventh most-spoken language in our country. In Australia, it is the sixth most-spoken language.

Translating written and online materials into Vietnamese is critical for reaching international business markets as well as connecting with U.S. Vietnamese speakers. High-quality translation will solidify your market position, strengthen your relationships with your audience, and more effectively brand your business.
To ensure that your message reaches your audience exactly the way you intended, the expert linguists at Avantpage are ready to help with all your translation and localization needs. Our native-speaking Vietnamese translators are adept at choosing the proper wording, sentence structure, reading level and terminology that will best get your message across. In addition, they are sensitive to cultural issues, local dialects and other concerns that may affect translation outcomes.

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