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Over 83 million native speakers worldwide, predominantly in the countries of Turkey and Northern Cypress, speak the Turkish language.  Turkish is also spoken in Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria, and other parts of Eastern Europe, with more than 2 million speakers residing in Germany.

Written Turkish is based on a modified version of the Latin alphabet, which was introduced in 1928 to replace the Arabic-based Ottoman Turkish alphabet. In 1932, the Turkish Language Association was founded, and its mission was to replace loanwords and foreign grammatical constructions with Turkish equivalents. These changes, together with the adoption of its new alphabet, helped to create the modern language that is spoken and written today.

Despite the work done by the Turkish Language Association to standardize the language, many dialect variations persist, and translators must be careful to take these variations into consideration when translating documents.

Whether you are marketing goods and services, localizing your website and media for distribution, or reaching out to Turkish communities in the United States, accurate, high-quality translation is a necessity. The expert linguists at Avantpage are native speakers, fluent in English, and well-versed in the dialects, grammatical structure and nuances of the language.

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