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Korean is the official language of both North and South Korea. There are approximately 78 million Korean speakers worldwide, and nearly 1 million of those live in the United States, making it the eighth most spoken foreign language in the United States. The largest populations of ethnic Koreans found in the United States are in the Los Angeles and New York City areas.

Many Korean speakers live and work in the United States, and translating into their native tongue is important to ensure accurate communication and understanding when dealing with medical, educational, financial, technical, government and other written documentation. Demand for translation is on the upswing, and we receive many requests for a variety of media and document translation projects.

Korean is a difficult and complex language to translate, and for that reason, choosing a reputable translation company is critical to the effectiveness of your translated documents and media. At Avantpage, our Korean/English translators are familiar with cultural norms, trends and local dialects that may affect translation accuracy. They are fluent in both Korean and English, and are experts in the many subtle differences between regional dialects, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

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