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Japanese is spoken by over 130 million people, both in Japan and in communities where speakers reside, including the United States, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Australia, Canada and the Philippines. Japanese speak and write in the kogo style today, and dozens of different dialects are spoken. The earliest form of written Japanese dates to the early 8th century, and Modern Japanese is considered to have begun with the Edo period in 1600.

Japan is a prosperous country, and consumers spend billions of dollars each year on goods and services, many of them imported from the United States. In the fields of technology, research, engineering, automotive and manufacturing, Japanese companies are highly successful, as names like Sony, Toshiba, Canon, Minolta, Honda, Toyota and Mitsubishi will attest.

Reaching out to speakers in their own language is a critical marketing strategy for many U.S. organizations. Translating your written materials into Japanese and localizing your website will enable you to connect with speakers both in the United States and in global markets around the world.

At Avantpage, we recognize the challenges of English/Japanese translation, and have translators on board who are fluent in both languages.  From a linguistic standpoint, English/Japanese translation can be difficult and demanding, and it’s crucial that translators understand the nuances, dialects and inflections that are a part of the Japanese language. Avantpage is the leader in providing high-quality, accurate translation that will instantly get your message across to Japanese speakers, enhance your ability to communicate, and help you build your brand and market share.

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