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300 million people speak the Hindi language, with most of these speakers residing in India. Hindi is the primary official language of the Republic of India, with Hindi and English being the two languages of communication for the Central Government of India.  Although Hindi is the “official language” at the state level for 13 of India’s states, each state may also designate a “co-official language.”

The Hindi language has global significance, with Hindi speakers found in Germany, New Zealand, Nepal, South Africa, Singapore, Yemen, Mauritius and the United States. Millions of Indians living in the United States speak or understand Hindi.  There are Hindi television channels, Hindi newspapers, Hindi movies and Hindi language courses being taught at schools and colleges throughout the United States.

India plays an important role in international trade and commerce, and communication is a vital part of US/India relations. If you are interested in English-to-Hindi translation, Avantpage has expert linguists standing by to work with you.  Whether you are translating documents and e-media for healthcare, education, government, finance or technology, our translators are the best of the best, fluent in both English and Hindi, and cognizant of the cultural and regional issues that may affect translation outcomes.

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