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Farsi is the official language of Iran, and is also referred to as “Persian.” There are over 72 million native Farsi speakers worldwide. There are three major dialects of this language: Farsi, or Iranian Persian, Dari Persian, spoken in Afghanistan, and Tajik, spoken in Tajikistan. All three dialects are mutually intelligible, although differences in pronunciation can be considerable.

Modern Farsi is written in Perso-Arabic script, an expanded version of Arabic script using Arabic characters, and the vocabulary contains many loanwords from Arabic. Farsi can be a complicated language to translate, but Avantpage’s linguists are experts skilled in the nuances, dialects and cultural sensitivities that affect translation. Our translators will provide clients with high-quality, expert translation for a variety of needs –– healthcare, government, education, financial and more.

If you need to connect with new markets and require culturally sensitive, linguistically correct documents, web materials and or other media, Avantpage is ready to help you translate your message from English into any or all of the three Farsi dialects: Iranian, Dari or Tajik.

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