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At Avantpage, we receive a great number of requests for English-to-Chinese translation from clients in all professional areas, from healthcare to education to the private sector. Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese are the two writing systems used by those who read, write and speak Chinese. Because of cultural, historical and political reasons, written text in China evolved into two different and separate writing methods. While both writing systems share the same grammatical structure and are essentially the same language, they are not interchangeable as written languages.

There are over 1 billion people in the world who speak some form of Chinese. The most popular Chinese spoken languages are Mandarin (the official language of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China), Cantonese, Wu, and Min. No matter what spoken language or dialect is used, the Chinese use only the two writing systems, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, to represent their language in written form.

Traditional Chinese uses about 13,000 characters, and some of them are highly complex. The Simplified Chinese writing system uses about 8,000 simplified characters and is easier to write and understand. Simplified Chinese is used in mainland China and Singapore, and Traditional Chinese is used primarily in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and among the Chinese speaking population of Malaysia. Chinese speakers in the United States generally use Traditional Chinese as well.

When requesting Chinese translation, it is important to specify the audience, and determine which of the two systems is appropriate for your Chinese readership. Often, our clients request documents to be translated into both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese at the same time, to ensure that their message reaches their entire Chinese target audience.

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