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Arabic is spoken by more than 230 million people as a first language, most of whom live in the Middle East and North Africa. Modern Standard Arabic is the language used in most printed Arabic publications, and understood by most educated Arabic speakers.

Colloquial Arabic refers to the many regional varieties of Arabic that make up the spoken language. They are typically unwritten, and variations differ enough to sometimes be mutually unintelligible. Educated Arabs from any country or region usually speak both Standard Arabic and their local Arabic dialect.

Arabic dialect groups include Egyptian Arabic, spoken in Egypt by about 80 million people; Maghrebi Arabic, spoken by around 75 million North Africans in Morocco, Western Sahara, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Niger and Western Egypt; Iraqi Arabic, spoken by about 29 million people in Iraq, Eastern Syria and Western Iran; Levantine Arabic, spoken by about 35 million people in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, the Palestinian Territories, Israel, Cyprus and Turkey; and Gulf Arabic, spoken by around 4 million people in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain Kuwait and Iran.

When translating into Arabic, we understand that it is important to know your audience’s language preferences. Avantpage translators are fluent in Modern Standard Arabic and English, familiar with Arabic dialects, and adept at translating English to Arabic while keeping national and regional dialects in mind.  To reach your Arabic-language audience, Avantpage is a trusted resource you can count on.

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