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How To Make Your Medical Translation Project Easier

One of the best ways to save time and money and to improve the quality of your medical translation project is by preparing each piece of text for translation. When you use words and images that are easy to understand, and a presentation that is simple and inviting to read, your patients and their families [...]

Making a Better World, One Word at a Time

This year, Avantpage will celebrate 21 years of providing high-quality translations that help our clients reach out and communicate effectively in any language. But, our core mission goes much deeper than that: we believe in enabling immigrants to achieve their American dream through language services. When I founded Avantpage in 1996, our original mission was, [...]

This Is Why You Need to Localize Your Medical Translation

With localization, your hospital, medical practice, health insurance provider, or other healthcare-related business can customize its products, services, and Internet presence to reflect differences in distinct markets. This is especially useful and beneficial when branching out to reach non-English-speaking or international markets. As the world gets smaller, it is becoming more and more necessary for [...]

This Is How You Save Money and Time on an EOC Translation

Because an Evidence of Coverage is usually hundreds of pages long and includes hundreds of thousands of words, translating these documents takes more time and budget than a smaller translation project. However, even with a large project such as an EOC, there are still opportunities for your health insurance organization to save time and money [...]

Keep the American Dream Alive and Keep Dreamers in the USA

I emigrated from Mexico to the United States when I was 19 years old, a dream I held since I was a little boy. In my American dream, I became an engineer, got married, had children, and opened a successful business that provided other immigrants with opportunities to reach their American dream. President Trump’s recent [...]

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