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Are Your Health Benefit LEP Materials Accessible and Compliant?

A comprehensive health and benefits package is key to attracting and retaining the best workers in your industry. However, employee benefits packages are fraught with some of the most complex and challenging compliance regulations Human Resources faces today. Are your materials accessible and compliant? Avantpage Client Manager Lucas Eaton will be on hand at this [...]

Avantpage Networks with Government Contractors at Alliance Northwest 2016

In addition to its amazing cuisine and culture, the Pacific Northwest is one of the most important technology and industrial manufacturing hubs in the nation. Each year, businesses and government agencies come together for Alliance Northwest, the largest trade show and government contracting conference in the region, and Avantpage is proud to be a part [...]

Avantpage Bundles Up for the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference

The fishermen on Deadliest Catch have nothing on the hard working men and women advocating for the economic development of Southwest Alaska and its residents. Businesses and government agencies from across the region are coming together next week for the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference in beautiful Anchorage, and Avantpage is pleased to be among the [...]

The Key to Combatting Disenfranchisement of Latino Voters

Guest post by Avantpage intern Hannah Trumbull  If fair and equal access to voting is a central tenet of a true democracy, then California’s democratic process is far from functional. The great state is home to 14.5 million Latino people, 73% of whom speak Spanish at home. California Latinos have a significantly higher chance of living [...]

Avantpage Heads to the Idaho Business & Technology Expo in Boise

When you think about which cities have thriving tech communities which ones come to mind? Many people would be surprised to know that two of the most well-known tech giants in the industry are headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Hewlett-Packard and Micron Technology bring thousands of jobs to the state capital and form the centerpiece of [...]

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