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With expertise in over 150 global languages, we provide responsive,
quality, and customized translation services for global and local audiences.

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Since 1996, Avantpage has offered accurate, high-quality translations for industries
including healthcare, elections, financial, government, and more.

Your Healthcare and Medical Translation Specialist

Professional multilingual translation services for health plans, hospitals, medical offices,
physician groups, health centers, and more.

Cut Through the Language Barrier

Our full suite of customized translation services includes attestation, desktop publishing,
Website localization, style guide and glossary development, and more.

Professional Translation and Linguistic Services

Experienced, specialized communication solutions for healthcare, medical, K-12
education, marketing, government, elections, Medicare marketing, and more.

Government and Election Translation

With communication expertise in over 150 global languages, Avantpage can save you
time and money, while helping you connect in any language.

Language Solutions for Medicare Marketing

Avantpage can create a comprehensive, cost effective translation program to
supplement your marketing efforts, increase your market share, and secure new business.


Healthcare Translation


Translation services for healthcare, medical, Medicare and more


Medicare Marketing


Professional healthcare and medical translation for health plans




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10 Best Practices for Translation

When you choose to accommodate your multilingual audience (either because it’s required by law or you realize what a good idea it is for your business), there are some industry “best practices” that you should be aware of.

1. Be an educated translation consumer.

2. Do an internal-needs assessment.

3. Allocate appropriate resources.

4. Plan the translation process.

5. Make sure all translation is coordinated from the top down.

6. Create style guides and glossaries.

7. Stay ahead of the game by standardizing vital documents and pre-translating non-standard vital documents.

8. Design and write documents appropriately.

9. Design appropriate internal review processes.

10. Be an active part of the translation process and community.

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